Monday, 4 February 2013

I Met The Mend!

This was definitely the best weekend of this year. We aren't far into this year, but I will remember this night forever. Basically, I wasn't bothered about going out, until I saw on facebook that 'The Mend' were going to be at Embrace, Sheffield. I literally ran round my living room jumping around and squeeling. There was no way I was missing this, so I put myself on the guestlist.
Here's a picture of me and my friend before we went out being silly. We may have had a cheeky few beverages at this point ;).We got to embrace and the lady at the guestlist said 'would you like VIP, it's £2' my reaction was, 'WHAT?! £2?! DO YOU GET A PHOTO?!' to which she said yes, so obviously I got VIP for the photo. I got myself a drink and took my position right infront of the stage, which is where I stayed until they came on. (as you do!)
Here is a video that I took, they are pretty much standing on top of me, that's how close I was, there was no barrier, only a bouncer at each side of the stage. I could have touched them, but i'm not that stupid. They were really good, and all beautiful beautiful boys. I just love craigs voice.
We then went up to the VIP area to have our photo taken, here is how mine turned out.
Probably the worst outcome I could have imagined. Why the face? you may be asking. WELL. Before they were even there, if you follow me on twitter, you would have seen my slightly tipsy embarassing tweets to them, one of which said something along the lines of 'the mend are about to come on, i've got a fluttery front bum', i did use a more vulgar word though.
So when it came to having this photo taken, craig said, hiya what's your name, and i replied, 'louisa, i tweeted about the fluttery front bum' Jay sort of turned his head and went WHATTTT! and the rest said something along the lines of 'we have seen that one! I remember it!' so I was laughing, thus ruining the only photo oportunity i had.
This wasn't to be my last meeting with them however, we got to go back into VIP to sit with them! craig and jay were the more talkative of the 4, but kris and dean were talking to some other girls and looked pretty into it. They are absolutely lovely, and it's funny that i seem to think they aren't normal people, when they are, they are just average boys like any others, they just have a great talent, and a lot of fans. I genuinely had the best night of my life and it was the best £2 i've ever spent. Craig is now following me on twitter, but that's probably because I was drunken and annoying haha, but it made my day :)
[another photo, the photo's aren't that good because I wanted to video it all for memory, so I do apologise haha!]
The moment they go on tour, which i'm sure they will, I will go and see it, and if they are ever at embrace again, you can betcha' i will do all I can to be there! Has anyone else met them or seen them? I just think they are amazing!

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  1. OMG i cant help but laugh at that picture awww hahaha! WEll its better than no photo at all :) Glad you had a good night!