Saturday, 2 February 2013

Louisa | 25 Random Facts.

As this will only be my third post I thought I would make it another personal one so that you can get to know me :) All of those 5 lovely followers!
001. My sleep pattern hasn't been normal since I was around 11. I can sleep for up to 15 hours, and if I haven't slept for atleast 8 hours I don't function properly and I sleep at stupid times like 3 in the morning.
002. I have arachnaphobia like you wouldn't believe (spiders).
003. I'm obsessed with Harry Potter films.
004. I've been single for around 6 years, yay for it nearly being valentines day!
005. I am a very fussy eater. It has to be plain, and i pretty much only eat chicken.
006. I'm a pretty hardcore gamer. Mainly Call of Duty.
007. Money burns a hole in my pocket. I don't seem to know what the word 'save' means.
008. My favourite season is winter, it's cosy.
009. My mum is my best friend, nobody will ever compare to her.
010. I drink far too much diet coke.
011. I've been to Magaluf 3 years in a row, i like to party.
012. I hate staying in at the weekend. I think I want to stay in and be cosy, as soon as 9pm comes around, i'm craving to go out!
013. Getting ready is my favourite part of the night.
014. I had no idea about make-up before I found youtube and blogging. I used to cover spots with dots of foundation, i didn't think you had to put it all over your face haha!
015. I don't know how I ever lived without an iPhone5.
016. I've met Charlotte, Ricky, Vicky and Gaz from Geordie Shore.
017. My birthday is 3 days before christmas, it's annoying.
018. I have never been to a salon to get my nails done.
019. I enjoy classical music.
020. I'm a list maker. I get all motivated whilst writing the lists, but then do nothing from the list.
021. I have a good judgement on people, i trust my instincts and 99% of the time i'm right on my judgement.
022. I eat chocolate for breakfast and have diet coke too. My diet is too healthy, I know.
023. I have 2 yorkshire terriers named Reo & Daphney, Reo was my 14th birthday present, she is my princess.
024. I have way too many nail varnishes, and I hardly EVER paint my nails..
025. I had 2 driving lessons and didn't get let off the car park. The thought of driving scares me.
Let me know if you do this post, I would like to have a read of them :) Love Louisa <3


  1. I see have a few tings in common. Looks like we're both Harry Potter geeks! :D
    I love getting ready for a night out too, love feeling all glamed up !
    Im so jealous of you meeting Gaz! :(
    I think im going to do this post i really like it!